Faculty of Maritime EngineeringMarine Engineering Department

  Marine Engineering Department (Ship Engineering Department)

  The increasing demand for mariners from marine organizations, especially marine engineers, indicates the importance of marine engineering program. Therefore, one of the long term purposes of the establishing this filed of engineering is to answer the marine organizations demands and replacing Iranian workers with foreigners in shipping lines. This department was established in chabahar city since 1377 under the Sistan and Balochestan University management.

  Note that this faculty was managed to work as the university with the name of Chabahar Maritime University since 1384.

  At present, the marine engineering department, with 250 students in undergraduate program and 10 academic staff, works under the ISO 9001-2000 standard, and STCW 2010 in marine educations.


  Undergraduate Marine Engineering Program (Engine):

 In this program, the technical sciences related to the marine engines are being offered as the undergraduate program. This program covers the theoretical and laboratory related courses, workshops and exercise. The graduates will be able to serve as the marine engineers in shipping lines and construction and designing engineers in industrial companies. The advances in marine industry, the government policies to expand the marine transportation, and employing Iranian personal indicate the importance of this filed. The applicants must have physical health and must be able to operate as the mariners at sea.

 As mentioned earlier, the marine engineers are responsible for maintenance and operation of the engines; therefore, the students are managed to be on sea time course for about six months, which is held at ocean going ships.


  The Required Capabilities:

  Since some the marine engineering courses are being taught in English, the marine engineering students must have enough knowledge in English. In addition, the marine engineering students must have enough knowledge in Physics and Mathematics.


  The Marine Engineers Responsibilities:

  On of the important responsibilities of the marine engineers is the maintenance of the equipments. Marine engineers serve in the ships engine room with five ranks as the chief, second, third, fourth, and fifth engineer.

 The Marine Engineers Responsibilities:


 Chief engineer: is responsible for the all the machineries, refrigeration systems, fuelling and technical adviser.


 Second engineers: is responsible for all the engine room machineries


 Third engineer: is responsible for main engine, air compressors, and boiler


 Fourth engineer: is responsible for generators, refineries and fuelling.


 Fifth engineer: is responsible for checking and adjusting all he machineries.