Faculty of Maritime EngineeringArchitecture-Ship Engineering Department


  This course is one of the courses teaches in I.R. Iran universities.

  2-Education Level:

  This course is planned for Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) level.

  3- Scope:

  This department by using engineering sciences and relevant technologies could teach students for design and construction of systems which based on fundamentals of fluid mechanics and dynamics and prepare them to admit design and calculation of elements in industries related to building ships, submarines and offshore structures. Also, this department gives necessary knowledge for M.Sc. and PhD. Courses to students.

  4- Job Opportunities:

  - Design and executive engineering for construction of merchant and war ships in shipbuilding yards and offshore installations.
- Supervisor engineering for supervision on construction of ship types and offshore structures.

  - Occupation in ministries and organizations which related to marine industries and transportation.

  - Cooperation with consultant engineering companies for implementation of calculations related to design of vessels and offshore structures.

  - Cooperation with contractors and executives of projects related to marine industries and transport.

  - Survey for government, classification societies and marine insurances.

  -cooperation in researches related to marine industries


  Undergraduate course of naval architect engineering is base of M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses of Marine Structures, Ship Construction and Ship Hydrodynamics. Subject of above course is as follows:

  -Marine Structures: Design of ports, oil and general quays, wave breakers, research and oil production offshore structures, channels and dredging, oil export ports, underwater pipe laying, etc.

  -Ship structure: Design and structural analysis of ship structure by direct method or by rule book of classification societies.

  -Ship hydrodynamics: investigation on hydrodynamic forces exerted to ship hull and design of appropriate propulsion system.

  6- Importance and Establishment Reasons:

  Importance of this course is described as follows:

  1- For better execution of engineering works in related organizations, more than thousand of experts in this field are required now.

  2- Governmental policies which are based on industrial-economical sufficiency especially in marine technologies.

  3- Development of industries related to exploration, exploitation and processing of marine food sources which are priority in government programs.

  4- Development of industries related to exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources in sea bottom.

  5- Revival of marine national culture of country which has long sea borders in north and south .

  6- Providing Facilities for performing scientific researches and continuing academic studies in higher degrees.

  7- Obtaining defense requirements of country for security on south and north seas.


  7- Requirements of Reception:

  - Mathematics and physics diplomas of high schools

  - Reception in relevant exam

  - have other general conditions of reception

  8- Multipliers of Lessons in Entrance Exam:

  According to declaration of Sanjesh organization of Iran

  9- Course length:

  Length of this course is four years and consists of 8 semesters.

  10- Learning program structure:

  Training program of this course consists of 144 units which are theoretical, practical and project lessons. Students have to pass 2 Work training courses in relevant industries. These courses consist of 272 hours and preferred to pass in summer semester after 3rd and 4th year.

  Training program is subdivided as follows:





  General lessons



  Basic sciences lessons



  Principle lessons



  Professional lessons (Principle)



  Professional lessons (Optional)



  Project and laboratories