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  Increasingly rapid growth of science in the world particularly in last two decades, has brought the necessity of proper planning and more effort to keep pace with advances in science and industry. Self-confidence and benefiting from human creativity and national wealth are counted undoubtedly among the most significant effective factors to achieve this goal. In other words planning properly and applying available tools and facilities appropriately helps us stepping into road of advance and progress. Civil Engineering Projects in different phases of initial studies, planning, implementation and further measuring and controls require proper planning and appropriate use of available facilities as well. Present statistics and rate of employing the alumni of civil engineering category in organizations and private part of employment indicates the importance of this category of courses.

  Regarding the mission of university, group of civil engineering commenced to apply students in 1386 in graduate level, and the first program started in 1387. The branch of first three programs was Civil-Structure, while from Mehr 1390 Civil-Civil has been the main branch of the program.

  Concerning the geographic position of university, it has been one of our long-term missions and goals to train experts in marine structures and beach engineering.

  Subject: Civil Engineering

  1) Branch: Civil-Structure

  a) Level: Graduate

  b) Commence date: 1386

  c) First admission: Bahman 1387

  d) Last admission: Mehr 1389

  2) Branch: Civil-Civil

  a) Level: Graduate

  b) Commence date: 1386

  c) First admission: Bahman 1390

  d) Last admission: …

  Faculty member

  Structural Engineering

  Hamed Safaye Nikoo

  Water Engineering

  Mehdi Rezapour

  Water Engineering

  Vahid Mohammadian

  Structural Engineering

  Mehdi Yousefi

  Structural Engineering

  Hamid Shahrabadi

  Structural Engineering

  Davood Vafaei

  Water Engineering

  Reyhaneh Eskandari


  Course Plan and structure

  Credits: 141

  Duration: 4 years

  Course Type


  General Courses


  Principle Sciences


  Main Courses


  Optional Courses




  Research and Training Labs and Workshops

  1. Surveying Lab

  2. Building Material Lab

  3. Concrete Technology Lab

  4. Soil Mechanics Lab

  5. Strength of Materials Lab

  Contact Info:

  Head of Group: +98-545-4122183

  Staff of Group: +98-545-4122132